Schools & Nurseries

When you arrive in London, you might have many questions:  In which schools can I enroll my children? What kind of school? A bilingual school? What are the documents required and the prerequisite conditions necessary for the registration? Are they any free school transports?

In London, there are several types of school. However, school fees usually change regarding the school. If you decide to enroll your children in a French or bilingual school, the fees may vary between £4500 and £9000 per year depending on the age and the school section of your children. In order to help families with low wages, the French Consulate provide grants that can be found on this website:,22705

You can also decide to enroll your children in public schools called « State schools », which the schools fees are free.

Since we feel concerned to help you settle peacefully in London, we made a list of the schools you can find in London:

Affiliated French and bilingual schools:

Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle

– Ecole primaire de South Kensington

– Ecole primaire de Marie d’Orliac

– Ecole primaire d’André Malraux

– Ecole primaire de Wixcre╠cche-05

– Lycée Charles de Gaulle (secondaire)

– Collège Français Bilingue de Londres 

– Ecole Française Jacques Prévert 

– Ecole des Petits / Ecole de Battersea 

– Ecole Bilingue 

– La Petite École Française 

– Le Hérisson 


Non-affiliated French schools:

– La Chouette School 

– Les Petites Etoiles 

– Ecole Internationale Franco-Anglaise 


 A nursery adapted to your children’s needs:

Leaving your child is never an easy task and will be accompanied by many worries: the quality of the nursery is crucial, the hosting of the employees, the hygiene of premises, the proximity to your residence place are determinants for your selection.

–        In the UK, public nurseries are free  but are only available for children over 3 years old and these nurseries are open only half a day.

–        It is necessary to live near the public nurseries.

–        Call the nurseries and book appointments to visit the premises.

–        Prepare a list of questions.

–        See how the staff behave with you children. Are they nice ? Do they smile ?

–        Register your children on the waiting list if the nursery is over-booked

–        Read the reports written by OFSTED when you have selected the nurseries.

This website enables you to locate the nurseries in London to check if they are near your residence location :