You decided to sell your property or you want to know its value on the current property market? The best solution is to have your property valued by a professional.

How is a property valued?

A property is valued depending several elements:

  • The surface area of the property: The bigger is your property, the higher the price will be.
  • The surface area of the land: Besides the surface of your property, the total surface area is important.
  • The layout: depending on the town, the areas or the access to basic services, your property will have more value.
  • The layout of the rooms:  the functionality of the property is important for its valuation.
  • The number of rooms: depending on the surface area of the property, the number of rooms will be important as well. If it is a 5 bedroom house, one bathroom will not be enough.
  • The overall condition: if too many repair work have to be made, the valuation will be reduced.
  • Repair work: If you decide to repair you property, it may raise the valuation of the property.
  • The property market: It is an important factor that can’t be put aside. The valuation of your property must take account of the current property market: the supply and the demand.

Furthermore, other determinants can change the valuation of your property: the display, the brightness, the availability of a garage, a swimming pool, a cellar…

Benefit from our services and estimate your property:

A good and accurate valuation is the first step for to sell quickly your property at its best value. To simplify and accelerate this step, Euro Real Estate offer a customized valuation of your property.  Real estate professionals, our advisers have an accurate knowledge of the market and will be able to estimate your property while giving you the best advice for your property sale.

Euro Real Estate Advice:

In order to sell your house or your apartment, you may need to make changes of your home to satisfy potential buyers. Indeed, since you have been living in your property for several years, some details might get the attention of your visitors. To avoid negotiations of your property, you may need to depersonalize it and renovate paintings and floors.

For your property projects, Euro Real Estate will fit your needs and will do everything possible to satisfy your expectations.